Oltre l’attesa / Beyond the Wait, a project by the young Italian artist Cristian Rizzuti, is the first project created for banner space. It was conceived as a generative canvas whose front portion is in view. The genesis of images in real time enabled to sense the presence of the artist as he was working on the back of the canvas in a kind of «generative performance». The project was the visual expression of a reflection upon time initiated by a dialogue with art critic Antonello Tolve,author of the text. Beyond the Wait extended the artistic quest of this young artist online. Rizzuti’s research is found between the visual and performing arts and adopts a variety of technologies to obtain an aesthetic result which is the continuation of the construction of hyper textual thought. This work presented itself in a fresh manner every day, orchestrating a subject that evolved to the «rhythm of time» and was unfolded – acting as a generative and cinematic performance. Its narrative evolution was revealed at the end of the work’s two-month duration.


OLTRE L'ATTESA - DAY #03. still, 2014


OLTRE L'ATTESA - DAY #04. still, 2014


OLTRE L'ATTESA - DAY #08. still, 2014  > view project